Münchner Zentrum für antike Welten



MZAW-Doktorandenseminar im SoSe 2020

21.04.2020 – 21.07.2020

Prof. Dr. John Baines

Rollen der Kunst in Kulturen des Altertums / Roles of art in ancient societies

Aesthetic or ‘artistic’ activities are fundamental to human life. This seminar will address diverse aspects of ‘art’ in ancient societies, many or most of which invested high proportions of their wealth in these areas. The term ‘art’ itself is much contested: one of the seminar’s aims is to test implications of controversies in this area and to examine them in relation to the connectedness of aesthetic domains within and across societies. The intention is to broaden ways in which relevant ‘art forms’ and phenomena are approached, while reviewing the social centrality of aesthetic matters and the different range of functions different domains had in societies. For archaeologically recovered cultures it is vital to model areas that are not directly attested in order to improve perceptions of the ancient context.

Participants in the seminar are encouraged to offer presentations relating to their own interests. They are welcome to treat societies across the whole world and from early prehistory to medieval times. The opening sessions will include a discussion of the range of topics to be addressed and initial case studies. These will be followed by presentations from participants, leading toward a synthesis in the final sessions. Since this is a comparative seminar, questions of approach and method are fundamental. Presentations by participants should supply enough background information to make them accessible across the fields of covered by the seminar. Some sessions will include visits to local museums.

The languages to be used in the seminar are German and English.

DIENSTAG, 14-16 Uhr, Raum 332/Schellingstr. 3 (Vhs. 3. Stock)
Beginn: 21.4.2020
Anmeldung unter: c.veit@lrz.uni-muenchen.denach oben