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CV und Publikationen von Peter Machinist

  • Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages an der Harvard University.
  • geb. 3 September 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.
  • Studium: Harvard University (1962-1966: A.B.); Yale University (1966-1978: M.Phil., Ph.D.); Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1981).
  • Promotion 1978: The Epic of Tukulti-Ninurta I. A Study in Middle Assyrian Literature.
  • 1992 Inhaber des Lehrstuhls Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages.

Gastprofessuren, Fellowships, Verleihungen:

  •  Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer in Assyriology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (spring, 1981).
  •  Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (1984-85).
  •  Lady Davis Visiting Professor of Biblical History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (spring, 2003).
  •  Victor and Sylvia Blank Fellow and Visiting Scholar, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford University (2008-2009).
  •  Doctor honoris causa, Theologische Fakultaet, Universitaet Zuerich (2009). 


Schriften (Auswahl):

  • Provincial Governance in Middle Assyria and Some New Texts from Yale (Assur 3/2 1982).
  • (mit Steven W. Cole) Letters from Priests to the Kings Esarhaddon and Assurbanipal (State Archives of Assyria vol. XIII; Helsinki, 1998).
  • Mesopotamia in Eric Voegelin's Order and History. (Occasional Papers XXVI of the Eric-Voegelin-Archiv, Ludwig-Maximilians Universitaet Muenchen, 2001).
  • "Assyria and Its Image in the First Isaiah," Journal of the American Oriental Society 103 (1983), 719-737.
  • "On Self-Consciousness in Mesopotamia," in S.N. Eisenstadt, hrsg., The Origins and Diversity of Axial Age Civilizations (Albany, 1986), 183-202, 511-518.
  • "The Question of Distinctiveness in Ancient Israel," in M. Cogan and I. Eph'al, hrsg., Ah, Assyria...Studies in Assyrian History and Ancient Near Eastern Historiography Presented to Hayim Tadmor (Jerusalem, 1991), 196-212.
  • "Assyrians on Assyria in the First Millennium B.C.," in K. Raaflaub, hrsg., Anfaenge politischen Denkens in der Antike (Muenchen, 1993), 77-104.
  • "Outsiders or Insiders: The Biblical View of Emergent Israel and Its Contexts," in L.J. Silberstein and R.L. Cohn, hrsg., The Other in Jewish Thought and History. Constructions of Jewish History and Identity (New York, 1994), 35-60.
  • "The Fall of Assyria in Comparative Ancient Perspective," in S. Parpola and R.M. Whiting, hrsg., Assyria 1995. Proceedings of the 10th Anniversary Symposium of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project (Helsinki, 1997), 179-195.
  • "Biblical Traditions: The Philistines and Israelite History," in E.D. Oren, hrsg., The Sea Peoples and Their World: A Reassessment (Philadelphia, 2000), 53-83.
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  • "The Voice of the Historian in the Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean World," Interpretation 57 (2003), 117-137.
  • "The Road Not Taken. Wellhausen and Assyriology," in G. Galil, M.J. Geller, and A. Millard, hrsg., Homeland and Exile. Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honour of Bustenay Oded (Leiden/Boston, 2009), 469-531.
  • "How Gods Die, Biblically and Otherwise. A Problem of Cosmic Restructuring," in B. Pongratz-Leisten, hrsg., Reconsidering the Concept of Revolutionary Monotheism (Winona Lake, 2011), 187-239.

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